Office of Teller County Assessor

Betty Clark-Wine     Teller County Assessor
Betty Clark-Wine Betty Clark-Wine was re-elected Teller County Assessor in November 2014 and was sworn-in on January 13, 2015, for a 2nd four year term.
Ms Clark-Wine is an Ad Valorem Appraiser (#AV100034062), a licensed Real Estate Broker (#EI40017544), and a Certified Professional Landman (#3871). Ms Clark-Wine graduated from the University of Colorado at Colorado Springs (UCCS) with a Master of Public Administration degree and from the University of Texas at Dallas with a Bachelor of Business Administration degree.

Ms Clark-Wine previously served as a Woodland Park City Councilmember from 2008-2012, having been elected to office in April 2008 for a four-year term, and is a Chair and Transportation Committee chair for Action 22, a coalition of the 22 southern Colorado counties that provides a voice in shaping policies for southern Colorado.

She is a member of the Colorado Assessors Association, the American Association of Petroleum Landmen, and the Denver Association of Petroleum Landmen.

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