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IMPORTANT NOTE: The data contained herein is provided as a courtesy only. While the Assessor makes every effort to ensure that the data is correct, your use and/or reliance thereon is your sole responsibility.

The data in this spreadsheet includes all sales in Teller County from Jan 1, 2009 to the month preceding the current month. The data represents actual sales information and has not been adjusted for time. Not all sales in this spreadsheet are Qualified Sales used to value properties.

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QUALIFIED SALES are sales that the Assessor uses to value your property. For more information, please see QUALIFIED SALES.

By law, the Assessor uses information for the 18-month period ending June 30, 2016. If there are insufficient sales within the 18-month period, the Assessor will use additional six-month increments for data analysis up to and including five (5) years prior to June 30, 2016.

NOTE: FOR THE REVALUATION YEAR ENDING JUNE 30, 2016, THE ASSESSOR IS USING TWO (2) YEARS OF SALES DATA FOR RESIDENTIAL PROPERTIES. VACANT PROPERTIES AND COMMERCIAL PROPERTIES ARE USING FIVE (5) YEARS OF SALES DATA. This data is time-adjusted, which means that adjustments are made to the data for market conditions which may have changed through June 30, 2016.

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