Build A Generation

Teller County
Build A Generation

Dedicated to the Children of Southern Teller County

Contact Info
Centennial Building
PO Box 959 / 112 North "A" Street
Cripple Creek, CO 80813

Office Hours:
Monday-Friday 8:00AM - 5:00PM
Except Holidays

719.686.7912       Fax 719.686.7900

Email:   Lisa Noble - Project Director


How To Build Community

Turn off your TV ~ Leave Your House ~Know Your Neighbors ~ Greet People ~ Look Up When You're Walking ~ Sit On your Stoop ~ Plant Flowers ~ Use Your Library ~ Play Together ~ Buy From Local Merchants ~ Share What You Have ~ Help A Lost Dog ~ Take Children To The Park ~ Honor Elders ~ Support Neighborhood Schools ~ Fix It Even If You Didn’t Break It ~ Have Pot Lucks ~ Garden Together ~ Pick Up Litter ~ Read Stories Aloud ~ Dance In The Street ~ Listen To The Birds ~ Put Up A Swing ~ Help Carry Something Heavy ~ Barter For Your Goods ~ Start A Tradition ~ Ask A Question ~ Hire Young People For Odd Jobs ~ Organize A Block Party ~ Bake Extra And Share ~ Ask For Help When You Need It ~ Open Your Shades ~ Sing Together ~ Share Your Skills ~ Take Back The Night ~Turn Up The Music ~ Turn Down The Music ~ Listen Before You React To Anger ~ Mediate A Conflict ~ Seek To Understand ~ Learn From New And Uncomfortable Angles ~ Know That No One Is Silent Though Many Are Not Heard ~~ Work To Change This ~~

The futer is not a gift

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