Teller County Contractor License
Requirement Information

Letters of Reference    (See Section 102.h of the Teller County Building Code)

The Letters of Reference must reflect the following:
Applicant/Examinee Name
Construction History
Type of Work/Construction for the class/type of license applied for.

For example, an applicant applying for a Commercial Class-A License must provide letters that reflect the construction of structures that require a Class-A licensed general contractor like a grocery store, a hospital, a hotel, restaurants, etc. The Teller County Board of Review (BOR) requests that general contractors (A, A-1, B, B-1, C, C-1, & C-2) provide a mixture of references (so there are not 3 reference letters from homeowners) example: 1 from a general contractor that holds the same class of license that they are applying for (applying for a C - need a reference from a licensed C-general contractor), 1 from an architect or engineer, and 1 from a homeowner, etc. Letters from partners, relatives, sub-contractors (electricians, framers, plumbers, concrete, etc.), and friends are not acceptable. We also accept letters from other building departments and inspectors. The letters should also be within a reasonable time frame (preferably within the last 3 years).

Financial Statements    (See Section 102.f of the Teller County Building Code)

Applicant shall furnish evidence of their financial responsibility and solvency. Acceptable forms for financial responsibility to include a letter supplied by a bank or major supplier/creditor. All documentation must reflect financial history within the last year.

Testing    (See Article II of the Teller County Building Code)

These licenses require testing: Class-A, B, B-1, C, C-1, C-2, Heating A & B, Full Excavator, Septic Installer & Septic Cleaner. Please see below Testing Times for testing materials and times.  

Please Note: If you are reciprocating (providing a copy of) a Pikes Peak Regional Building Department License from El Paso County, an I.C.C.-2003 Contractor Certification; this only waives the testing requirement for your Teller County License. You still need to provide all of the other minimum requirements! A copy of one of these licenses does not equal an automatic license for Teller County!

Pikes Peak Regional Building Department:
2880 International Circle
Colorado Springs, CO 80910
(719)327-2887 or (719)327-2880

International Conference of Building Officials:
Certification Department
5360 Workman Mill Road
Whittier, CA 90601-2298
(800)423-6587 Ext. 3419


CLASS A, B, B-1, C, C-1, & C-2:

Tests are given at the Teller County Building Department, 540 Manor Court, Woodland Park. These are 4 hour open book tests on The Teller County Building Code and Volume I of the 2003 International Building Code. Tests are given on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays of each week unless the Testing Room is not available. This is why we request that you schedule your test AT LEAST 3 days prior to the day you would like to test. Please call (719)687-3048 to schedule a test. You must begin your test between 9:30 & 10:30 a.m.
Tests are given at the Teller County Building Department, 540 Manor Court, Woodland Park. These are 2 hour open book exams. These tests are given morning & afternoons on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays of each week unless the Testing Room is not available. This is why we request that you schedule your test AT LEAST 3 days prior to the day you would like to test. Please call (719)687-3048 to schedule a test. Morning testing time is 9:30 to 11:30 a.m. Afternoon testing time is 1:00 to 3:00 p.m.

The Heating Contractor Tests are on the Teller County Building Code and the Volume I of the 2003 International Mechanical Code.

The Septic Installer and Septic Cleaner tests are on the Teller County Sewage Disposal Regulations.  

The Full Excavator Contractor Test is on the Teller County Building Code and the Roadway Design & Construction Standards.

BOOKS/TESTING MATERIAL:  The Teller County Building Code is available for $10.00 at the Building Department. Or you can download it.

The Teller County Sewage Disposal Regulations are available at the Building Department at No Charge, or by mail upon receipt of a copy/mailing fee of $5.00 each.

The Roadway Design & Construction Standards are available at the Building Department for $20.00, or You May Purchase the Chapter Pertinent to the Test for $10.00.

TRADE NAME / PROOF OF LEGAL ENTITY:  A trade/business name registration, or legal entity (LLC, Inc., Corp., Company, etc.) is required for anyone utilizing a business name. This requirement is to prevent the issuance of several licenses with the same name and/or similar names; Example: Colorado Homes, Colorado Homes, Inc., Colorado Log Structures, Colorado Log Homes, and to prevent the abuse of a company's name. Name registrations for businesses from other states must be filed with the State of Colorado to authorize work in Colorado, and they must be dated by the registering entity within the last two years.

Acceptable forms of a legal entity include: A Certificate of Good Stating from the State of Colorado, Certificate from the Secretary of State, Department of Revenue filings, Articles of Incorporation, and the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) filings.

Colorado Department of Revenue:
3650 Austin Bluffs Parkway
Colorado Springs, CO  80918
(719)594-8706  or  (719)594-8701

Colorado Secretary of State
1560 Broadway  Suite 200
Denver, CO  80202
(303)894-2200  or  (303)894-2203

Trade Name Registration & Info:

The only time that a trade name is not required is when the person uses only their name as the business/license name. The license would be issued as; Example: Rodgers, Glen. Applicants cannot add any words to the examinees name like Construction, Contracting, Building, Builder, etc.


Licenses are to be renewed each year. Licenses expire 1 year from the date of issuance.

Contractors will receive a renewal notice in the mail approximately 3-4 weeks before your license expires. If the license is not renewed within 30 days of the expiration date, it will be deleted. Once a license is deleted, and the contractor wishes to continue to hold the Teller County license, re-application for the license including all of the current licensing requirements will be required.

Please provide all address and phone number changes in writing to the Building Department ASAP! The Building Department will not research to find your new information.

Insurance    (See Section 102.g of the Teller County Building Code)

It will be the responsibility of the contractor to insure that current insurance certificates are provided to the Building Department in a timely manner. The Building Department will not send you or your insurance agent notices for insurance continuations. Please have your insurance agent mail or fax your certificates (general liability & property damage, and if applicable - Workman's compensation, and surety bonds) to the Building Department at each expiration. The cancellation or reduction of insurance shall be cause for automatic suspension of the license. If your insurance continuation certificates are not received within 30 days of their expiration dates, your license will be deleted and you will have to reapply for entire the license. No permits or inspections will be issued to a contractor without current insurance.  


$300,000 public liability

$100,000 property damage

Description of Operations must indicate the type of coverage the policy has been written for. Examples would be: Home Builder, Residential Contractor, Roofing, Framing, Commercial Contractor.

Workers Compensation (if you have any employees) 30-day Cancellation and Reduction Clause must list Teller County as the Certificate Holder.

Full Excavator Contractors must provide a certificate of Surety Bond continuation for $5,000 to Teller County upon every expiration.

If an incomplete application is faxed or mailed in, the items submitted will be destroyed in 30 days if not completed.