Teller County Environmental Health

Additional Information Related to Environmental Health

EMERGENCY PREPAREDNESS AND RESPONSE - Increase your ability to prepare for and respond to
public health emergencies.
Colorado Division of Emergency Management  

    CDC Emergency Preparedness & Response
    CDC Bioterrorism Information

CONSUMER PRODUCT SAFETY - Information on consumer products and recalls
    US Consumer Product Safety Commission

ANIMALS - The rural areas of Colorado allow for the potential interaction of wildlife with humans.  The following sites
offer health & safety information/regulations pertaining to animals:

    Colorado Division of Wildlife
- A pest is a pest, from Aphids on your plants, to flies, moths, mosquitoes, and beetles in your trees. 
   To learn more about them and ways to keep them out of your hair, check out the following sites:
    Colorado State University Cooperative Extension 

DISEASES - Zoonotic disease, what's that?  Hantavirus, Plague, Rabies, Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever - the list goes on and on.  To learn more, check out:
    Centers for Disease Control & Prevention
    Colo. Dept. of Public Health & Environment

 FOOD SAFETY - From growing at high altitude to eating out, the following sites provide helpful information about foods:
    Centers for Disease Control & Prevention - Food Safety
    United States Department of Agriculture
    Food & Drug Administration
    National Sanitation Foundation
    Colorado State University (CSU) Cooperative Extension  

Individual Sewage Disposal Systems - What's an aerobic sewage treatment system and who makes them?  Should I have my septic pumped and how often?
    National Small Flows Clearing House
    National Sanitation Foundation

Water Quality - Find out if your water system is in compliance with State and Federal regulations.  do you want to filter your well water?  How do I get information about my well.  Check out theses sites:
    Environmental protection Agency
    Division of Water Resources