Teller County Planning Department

Teller County Heavy Services Action Plan

Teller County Heavy Services Action Plan (HSAP)

The Teller County Planning Department, with assistance from its consulting firm Higginbotham, Briggs and Associates, has completed work on the Teller County Heavy Services Action Plan. The purpose of this plan is to identify properties in Teller County that have the potential to be developed for heavy service or light-industrial use.

Heavy Services include Waste Transfer Stations, Recycling Centers, Bulk Fuel Sales, utility operations, concrete Batch Plants, body and vehicle repair shops, and other essential services necessary to support the local economy as well as the convenience of existing county residents.

Table of Contents:
pdf Heavy Services Action Plan Executive Summary
pdf HSAP Site Evaluation (Overview)
pdf HSAP Summary of Site Selection Map
pdf HSAP Woodland Park Vicinity Map
pdf HSAP Divide Vicinity Map
pdf HSAP Cripple Creek/Victor Vicinity Map
pdf HSAP Florissant Vicinity Map
pdf HSAP Update History