Teller County Planning Department

NOTICE: As of 08-01-2014, our offices have moved to 800 Research Drive in Woodland Park.  Click here for new location map.

Duties of the Department
The Planning Department is responsible for developing and administering land use plans
 and land use regulations for the purpose of directing growth in an orderly manner.

Customer Service   Hours of Operation - 7:30AM to 4:00PM   Monday-Friday*  
  *Except Holidays
  Contact:   Dan Williams - 686-5414
   Planning Dept Email

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Board of Adjustment  - Agenda and Meeting Schedule
  Community Plans
  Conditional, Special and Administrative Use Permits
 Land Use Regulations
      Regulation Revisions
Floodplain Information
     Requirements for building in a FEMA Floodplain
     FEMA Request for Map Change
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