Office of the Teller County Clerk & Recorder


The office of the Clerk & Recorder is established under Section 8 Article XIV of the Colorado Constitution.  Duties of the Clerk and Recorder include:
    • Chief Election Official in Teller County
    • Agent of the State of Colorado for Motor Vehicle titling and licensing
    • Official recorder of property and other legal documents for Teller County
    • Agent of the the State of Colorado for issuing marriage licenses 
    • Clerk to the Board of County Commissioners for Teller County




    Krystal Brown - Clerk & Recorder   

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"Already registered?" section

arrow_rt_blue3arrow_rt_blue3 Elections Department

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  arrow_rt_blue3 Verify Your Voter Registration Information Here
  arrow_rt_blue3 County Commissioner District Map 

The Elections Department provides the following services:
  arrow_rt_blue3 Voter Registration Applications, lists and labels
  arrow_rt_blue3 Voter Precinct maps, Commissioner District maps
  arrow_rt_blue3 Campaign Finance Information

arrow_rt_blue3arrow_rt_blue3 Motor Vehicle Department

  arrow_rt_blue3 Online Vehicle Registration Renewal
  arrow_rt_blue3 Change of Address Form for Vehicle Registration
  arrow_rt_blue3 License Plate Types

Motor Vehicle Department provides services for titling, registering, licensing and registration renewal
of all types of motor vehicles and trailers within Teller County.  The department also verifies that vehicles are in compliance
with mandatory insurance coverage.

arrow_rt_blue3arrow_rt_blue3 Recording Department

Recording Department records documents for public record. Documents to be recorded should be submitted to the
Office of the Clerk and Recorder at the County Courthouse at
101 W. Bennett Ave. or mailed to P.O. Box 1010, Cripple Creek, CO 80813.

The Recording Department also provides the following services:

  arrow_rt_blue3 Birth Certificates
  arrow_rt_blue3 Civil Union Licenses
  arrow_rt_blue3 County Commissioner Meeting Dates
  arrow_rt_blue3 Death Certificates
  arrow_rt_blue3 Liquor Licenses
  arrow_rt_blue3 Marriage Licenses
  arrow_rt_blue3 Online Document Search

Visit our office in Cripple Creek to get the following services:
Dog Licenses
Plat Maps
Vital Statistics (Birth & Death Records)