Teller County Coroner's Office

112 North "A" Street - Room #15
Cripple Creek, CO 80813
Hours: By Appointment Only

Mailing Address: PO Box 959, Cripple Creek, CO 80813

Contact Info

Kayla Daugherty - Coroner
Cell: (719) 641.2469
Fax: (719) 623.3945

Al Born - Deputy Coroner
Office: (719) 687.9778
Cell: (719) 200.5837
Fax: (719) 687.2040
Chris Cooperrider - Deputy Coroner
Cell: (719) 659-7361
Fax: (719) 623-3945


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Coroner's Office 2019 Annual Report

Mission Statement

The Mission of the Office of the Coroner of Teller County, in compliance with Colorado Revised Statute 30-10-601 through 30-10-622, is:

    • To accurately determine the manner and the cause of death of individuals that die within the statutory jurisdiction of the office; to provide fair, ethical, and competent investigation of death performed by qualified and trained individuals, in accordance with the accepted medicolegal death investigation professional standards, ensuring the integrity of the investigation.
    • To assist the grieving in the loss of a loved one.
    • To earn and hold the trust and respect of the citizens that we are privileged and honored to serve.

Overview of the Coroner's Office

The Coroner’s Office investigates all sudden and/or unattended deaths throughout the county. Through an investigation, a determination is made as to the cause and manner of death.


The Coroner’s Office is responsible for:
    • Identification of the deceased
    • Notification of a death to the family
    • Completion of a medicolegal investigation of the death
        • The Teller County Coroner carries out the medicolegal death investigation process via:

            ◦ Evaluation of deceased's medical history
            ◦ Interview of witnesses, family, friends, neighbors, etc.
            ◦ Determination of autopsy need and attendance at those needed
            ◦ Toxicology, radiology, fingerprint ID, as needed
            ◦ Use of forensic experts in fields of pathology, genetics, etc
    • Distributing accurate and timely information to family members, health care professionals, insurance companies, and the public through the media and news release
    • Determining the cause and manner of death
    • Completion of Death Certificate