2017 Teller County Budget


For any questions about any of the information contained here please contact:
Laurie Litwin - Finance Director - or -
Violet Watt at (719)686-7926

2017 Adopted Budget Summary
This document provides a summary of proposed budget revenues and expenditures by fund. Also included is the budget message.

2017 Adopted Budget Detail
This document provides line item detail for the entire proposed budget.

2017 Budget Adjustments
(Pending Adjustments are subject to change at any time prior to adoption)
  February Adjustments
March Adjustments
April Adjustments
May Adjustments
June Adjustments #1
June Adjustments #2
June062217#1   June062217#2
June062217#3   June062217#4
July Adjustments  
August Adjustments
  September Adjustments
October Adjustments
October Adjustments #2