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Teller County Sales Tax -
Breakdown within Teller County

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  State Sales Tax City Sales Tax County Sales Tax Total
Teller County 2.9% 0% 1% 3.9%
Cripple Creek 2.9% 2.3% 1% 6.2%
Victor 2.9% 3% 1% 6.9%
Woodland Park 2.9% 4.09% 1% 7.99%
Green Mtn. Falls (within Teller County) 2.9% 3% 1% 6.9%

The simple explanation:
1. You are making a purchase in Colorado - so you have to pay state sales tax;
2. You are making a purchase in Teller County - so you have to pay County sales tax;
3. And, if you are making a purchase within the city limits of one of the incorporated cities listed above you also must pay city sales tax.
4. State, City and County sales taxes percentages are added together to arrive at the total sales tax paid on the purchase of goods and services which are subject to sales tax.
5. Teller County does not have or collect a use tax except on vehicles.

The State of Colorado, Department of Revenue, issues all sales tax licenses for Teller County, except for the City of Woodland Park.

Except for the City of Woodland Park, all sales tax collected within Teller County is remitted to the State, and then distributed to the County and other municipalities.

For Sales Tax information for the City of Woodland Park you may access their city web site - click here.

The State of Colorado Sales Tax Information - Colorado Department of Revenue Taxation Division