A hundred years from now it will not matter what my bank account was,
the sort of house I lived in, or the kind of car I drove . . .
but the world may be different because I was important in the life of a child."
- Forest E. Witcraft

    Books for Parents:

    • "A Child's Journey Through Placement" by Vera I. Fahlberg
    • "From Toddlers to Teens, 1001 solutions for Everyday parenting problems" by Jane Nelson, Lynn Lott, and Glenn Stephen
    • "Ghosts from the Nursery" by Robin Karr-Morse and Meredith Wiley
    • "Fostering Changes" by Richard Delaney
    • "How it Feels to be Adopted" by Jill Krementz
    • "Creative Interventions for Troubled Children and More Creative Interventions for Troubled Children" by Liana Lowenstein
    • "Another Place at the Table" by Kathy Harrison
    Books for Kids:

    • "A Very Touching Book" by Jan Hindman and Tom Novak
    • "A Volcano In My Tummy: Helping Children to Handle Anger" by Eliane Whitehouse and Warwick Pudney
    • "Maybe Days" by Jennifer Wilgocki, Marcia Kahn Wright, and Alissa Imre Geis
    • "Please Tell" by Jessie Ottenweller
    • "A Terrible Thing Happened- A story for children who have witnessed violence or trauma" by Margaret M. Holmes,
       Sasha J. Mudlaff, and Cary Pillo
    • "Billy Had To Move: A Foster Care Story" by Theresa Ann Fraser and Alex Walton

    Foster Parent Resources
 (links to websites)
    Colorado State Foster Parent Association
    National Foster Parent Association
    Hunger-Free Kids Act: Children who are Medicaid eligible, including foster kids, are now eligible for the free lunch program.
    School fees waived for foster children:  Children who are in out of home placement are eligible to have their school fees waived
    per House Bill HB08-1019.
    Foster Parent Net:  Chat sessions, resources and educational courses for foster parents.
    FosterClub: National network for youth in foster care.
    The Center: Get connected Colorado's GLBTQ community.

    Training Resources:

    www.cdhsacademy.com: Free online training through Colorado Department of Human Services.
    National Foster and Adoptive Parent Community
    Foster Parent College: Online training for foster, adoptive and kinship parents.
    Social Learning: Online secure shopping center offering DVDs, books and resources on foster and adoptive care and general parenting skills
    University of Denver- Institute for Families

    Adoption Resources:
    Adoption Exchange and Colorado Post-Adoption Resource Center (COPARC):  A regional non-profit organization that recruits adoptive families
    for children in foster care and provides many supportive services and resources to pre- and post-adoptive families. These services include
    trainings, an adoption library, financial assistance, and information on support groups and adoption therapists in your area.
    Colorado Coalition of Adoptive Families: A non-profit organization committed to providing information and advocacy to Colorado's
    pre- and post-adoptive and kinship

Teller County DSS Foster Care Program
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Foster Care/Adoption Coordinator
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