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Mission Statement

The mission of the Teller County Information Technology Department is the delivery of information technology to support county operations and provide access of information to other government agencies and the public.

Operating Philosophy

Information Technology (IT) continues to seek the most appropriate technology solutions, both hardware and software, for Teller County. Often this does not mean the cutting edge technology, nor technology that offers the state of the art features.
IT is seeking the technology which:
1) integrates well with existing and future systems
2) is easily maintained with the current staffing levels of IT
3) results in increased productivity of our users
4) results in tighter integration of all county offices and departments
5) meets the capabilities and requirements of our users.
By selecting the appropriate technology, IT can continue to support all offices and departments at our current staff levels and with limited assistance of outside consultants.
Information Technology's role in application development and support is moving towards the purchase of existing and proven software and software support agreements. But this being said, in-house custom application development and support will continue to increase. Existing applications such as the Building Permit Software Program, Imaging System, Online Budget, Online GIS Mapping, Online Assessor's and Recording Databases will require constant software maintenance. Integration of applications will almost always require custom in-house programming. And the expertise IT has in these types of applications, leverages the development of similar small applications for other departments.



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