100 Reasons to be Abstinent

 Student's ideas for good reasons not to have sex until you are ready:

    1.Won't get HIV from sex
    2.Less stress
    3.No birth control side effects
    4.Makes relationship less confusing
    5.Have time to build a strong friendship
    6.Easier to be independent
    7.Feel proud of doing what is right for you
    8.Less obligation
    9.No worry about pregnancy
    10.Can practice self-control
    11.Easier to pay attention to partner's feelings
    12.Don't have to think about birth control
    13.Can explore other ways to be sexual
    14.Shows maturity
    15.Relationship may last longer
    16.No worry that relationship is based only on sex
    17.Don't have to explain to parents
    18.Save money not buying birth control
    19.Easier to concentrate on career
    20.Won't be a mom or dad before you're ready
    21.Less to worry about
    22.A chance to learn about commitment
    23.Don't have to shave your legs all the time
    24.Don't have to get STD checkups
    25.Can learn more about your partner
    26.Easier to tell future partner about our past
    27.Sticking to it can give you confidence
    28.Have time to find the right person
    29.Fewer visits to heath care provider
    30.Get respect for doing what's right for you
    31.Good role model for friends
    32.Gives you time to learn more about your body
    33.You won't get an STD
    34.You won't give an STD to anyone
    35.Can make sure you love the person
    36.Sex may be more special if you wait
    37.Easier to make decisions - no worry about someone else
    38.Surest way to prevent pregnancy
    39.No hurt feelings from one-night stands
    40.Fewer things to disagree about
    41.No guilt if you have religious beliefs about sex
    42.No need to use a condom
    43.Good example for younger brothers or sisters
    44.Lets you find other ways to show your love
    45.Peace of mind
    46.Sex may be more exciting if you wait
    47.Your parents will be happier
    48.Waiting together might make relationship stronger
    49.Easier to stay physically and emotionally healthy
    50.Sex is important enough to think carefully about
    51.Have time to learn more about yourself
    52.Chance to learn the difference between love and sex
    53.More time to study
    54.Fewer health risks
    55.When you do have sex, you'll know it was a careful choice
    56.More time to spend "online"
    57.Chance to learn how to be a good friend
    58.More time for family
    59.Better control over your life
    60.Won't resent doing something you don't want to
    61.Easier to break up later
    62.No "morning after" regrets
    63.No pressure to always have to do it
    64.Have time to learn more about your feelings
    65.Will know the person likes you - not just your body
    66.Satisfaction about meeting a challenge
    67.More time for friends
    68.Won't have to buy condoms
    69.Will know you are stronger than our hormones
    70.Have a chance to get to know each other better
    71.Won't have to choose a birth control method
    72.Sex can complicate things
    73.More time for concerts
    74.No worries about condoms breaking
    75.Freedom to just be together
    76.Easier to focus on school
    77.Won't have to find a private place to do it
    78.Won't need to remember birth control
    79.No guilt about sneaking around
    80.No fear of getting caught
    81.Don't have to wear your best underwear
    82.Have time to learn about sex and sexuality
    83.More time for sports
    84.Can read more books
    85.No need to use a diaphragm
    86.Can learn to trust each other
    87.Can think of creative ways to have fun together
    88.Get to be close with fewer risks
    89.Can have more hobbies
    90.No need to take a pill every day
    91.More time to go to the gym
    92.Easier to be honest with each other
    93.Don't have to be nervous about sex
    94.Will learn to feel sexy in other ways
    95.Can develop other sides of yourself
    96.No worry about whether you'll measure up
    97.Can focus on future goals
    98.Won't get Chlamydia
    99.Can be romantic without it leading to sex
    100.Clear limits will help you relax and enjoy each other