101 Ways to Say NO to Sex


High school students in Kansas and California were asked to come up with ways to say no when someone asked them to have sex when they didn't want to.

1. No
2. I've decided to wait
3. I'll let you know later
4. How about a movie instead?
5. I'm not ready
6. It's getting late
7. I want my first time to be special
8. You're crazy
9. I want to be loved, not make love
10. I don't do sex
11. I don't love you
12. I have to go now
13. You're just using me
14. Rub my back instead
15. I can't support a child
16. I'm scared
17. This isn't what I had in mind
18. Not until we're married
19. I know your reputation!
20. Let's stop seeing each other for a while
21. If you loved me, you wouldn't ask
22. School comes before sex
23. We might get caught
24. Is that all you think about?
25. I'm allergic to sex
26. You'll tell everyone
27. I have a sunburn
28. It's not worth it.
29. Let me think about it
30. I'm waiting for the right person
31. It's against my religion
32. My parents would kill me
33. Let's get something to eat
34. I just want to be friends
35. I said "no" and I mean it!
36. We're too young
37. Don't ask me to make this choice
38. I don't feel comfortable
39. Sex can be more trouble than it's worth
40. With all these diseases going around?
41. Not everybody's doing it - I'm not
42. I just got my hair done
43. I don't like kids
44. I don't sleep around
45. Don't make me laugh
46. I think I hear my dad
47. We can find other ways to express our love
48. If I do, you'll leave me
49. I've got homework
50. My parents are waiting up
51. If we do it now, it could ruin it later
52. I don't know you well enough
53. I just want to hold you
54. I want you to leave
55. I'd rather watch the game
56. Have you thought about consequences?
57. I think my mother's calling
58. I don't want to
59. People will think I'm "easy"
60. Go away
61.I don't know who else you've slept with
62. I want to break up until you can wait
63. Maybe later
64. I love you too much to have sex
65. I'll find my own way to the door
66. Love isn't just about sex
67. It's not what I want to do
68. My favorite show's on now
69. I thought you were different
70. I quit last week
71. The coach said not to
72. I want to stay a virgin
73. I have to go to the bathroom
74. It's past my curfew
75. It's against my values
76. I'm too busy
77. I don't want to have kids now
78. Ask me again in 5 years
79. I want to have a career
80. You ignore me any other time
81. I don't want to get pregnant
82. Thanks anyway
83. I'm not ready to commit
84. Let's ask my parents
85. We won't respect each other
86. I have to get up early
87. I'm not sure you're the right person
88. Not tonight
89. I don't want that kind of pressure
90. My friends will be here any minute
91. I don't want our relationship to be just about sex
92. Let's wait
93. I'm not looking for this
94. I need more time
95. It might ruin our friendship
96. I want to stop now
97. Please respect my wishes
98. I'm afraid of HIV
99. I love someone else
100. I'd be sorry later
101. I want to know you better