Baby and Me Tobacco Free

Quit Smoking with the 'Baby and Me - Tobacco Free Program'
...And earn Free Diapers for up to One Year!

Program Requirements:

    •Complete an application and submit to Teller County Public Health.
    •Participate in the smoking cessation program including four classes.
    •Quit smoking during your pregnancy. (This must be verified by a doctor or other professional.)
    •Agree to take a simple breath test to verify your non-smoking status. This breath test will be repeated on a monthly basis after delivery to
     qualify for the vouchers.
    •After the birth of your baby, continue smoke free and receive a monthly voucher for FREE DIAPERS that can be used at Wal-Mart.
    •NO CASH BACK - vouchers are nontransferable and only for purchase of diapers. Vouchers cannot be reproduced.
There are 4,000 chemicals in cigarettes, 43 of them are known cancer-causing agents. Your unborn baby receives those poisons every time you smoke.
For more information or for an application call Jacqueline Davis at Teller County Public Health at 687-6416 or visit
Baby and Me - Tobacco Free.