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Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)
Coronavirus Disease 2019 Information

State / CDPHE / County COVID-19 Updates

5/25/2020-Guidance for Re-opening Restaurants/Food Services      
5/25/2020-Guidance for Re-opening Children's Day Camps/Sports Camps      
5/25/2020-State Guidelines/FAQ for Re-opening Restaurants, Day Camps, Summer Camps      
    05/23/2020 State variance approved for Teller County to re-open restaurants, gyms, movie theaters and places of worship, with social distancing guidelines  
  05/20/2020 Weekly Update 05/20/2020 BOCC Letter to Public  
    Testing Sites and Schedule for 5/19 - 5/29
  5/13/2020 Daily Update  
  5/11/2020 Daily Update  
  5/08/2020 Daily Update  
  5/07/2020 Daily Update  
  5/06/2020 Daily Update  
  5/05/2020 Daily Update  
  5/04/2020 Daily Update 5/4/2020 PRESS RELEASE - Public Testing Site Opens
  5/01/2020 Daily Update  
  4/30/2020 Daily Update  
  4/29/2020 Daily Update  
  4\28\2020 Daily Update  
  4\27\2020 Daily Update  
04-27 thru 05-04 State Release - Phase-In Retail Businesses
04-25-2020 Executive Order - Safer At Home    
04-25-2020 Executive Order - Elective Surgeries    
  04\24\2020 Daily Update  
  04/23/2020 Daily Update  
  04\22\2020 Daily Update  
  04\21\2020 Daily Update  
  04\20\2020 Daily Update  
  04\17\2020 Daily Update  
  04/16/2020 Daily Update  
  04/15/2020 Daily Update  
  04/14/2020 Daily Update
04/14/2020 Daily Update Supplemental
  04/13/2020 Daily Update  
  04/10/2020 Daily Update 04/10/2020 Community Needs and Resources
  04/09/2020 Daily Update  
  04/08/2020 Daily Update  
  04/07/2020 Daily Update  
  04/06/2020 Daily Update
TCDHS Programs Update
Cloth Face Covering Guidance
  04/03/2020 Daily Update
  04/02/2020 Daily Update

04/03/2020 Teller County COVID-19 Information Live Stream Event
  04/01/2020 Daily Update
  03/31/2020 Daily Update
  03/30/2020 Daily Update
  03/28/2020 Dangerous Treatment for COVID-19
  03/27/2020 Daily Update BOCC Response to CO Governor's Stay at Home Order
03-26-20 Updated Public Health Order Critical Services
03-26-20 Updated Public Health Order 20-24 Implementing Stay at Home Requirements
03/26/2020 Daily Update
03-25-20 Governors Order to Stay at Home
03-25-20 Executive Order To Stay Home
03-25-20 Amended Order Authorized Business
03/25/2020 Daily Update  
  03/24/2020 Daily Update 3-24-2020 PRESS RELEASE - Additional COVID-19 Cases in Teller County

Teller County Board of County Commissioners Resolution #10- Continuation of Emergency Declaration
  03/23/2020 Daily Update

03/23/2020 Woodland Park High School Info
03/23/2020 PRESS RELEASE - 1st Lab Confirmed Case Teller County
03/22/2020 Governors Executive Order to reduce in-person workforce by 50%  
03/22/2020 Governor Polis leads by example to reduce in-person workforce by 50%  
03/21/2020 CDPHE Press Release 03/20/2020 Daily Update  
Public Health Orders 03/19/20 Evening Update 03/17/20 PRESS RELEASE- Special Message from Teller County Board of County Comissioners concerning COVID-19

Teller County Board of County Commissioners Declaration of Emergency

Teller County Board of County Commissioners Resolution #9 Authorizing County Support and Resources

03/19/2020 Executive Order - Cessation of All Elective Surgeries 03/19/20 5:45 PM - Community COVID-19 Specimen Collection Site in Teller County CLOSED until further notice. 03/13/2020 Press Release -
Teller County Board of Health-Social Distancing Recommendation
03/18/2020 Executive Order - Limit In-Person Contact Concerning Elections 03/19/20 Morning Update 02/27/2020 Press Release regarding COVID-19
03/18/20 Amended Notice of Public Health Order 20-22 Closing Bars, Restaurants, Theaters, Gymnasiums and Casinos Statewide 03/18/20 Evening Update  
COVID-19 Fact Sheet 03/18/20 Mid Day Update  
  03/18/20 Morning Update  
  Telehealth Resources Available During COVID  
  03/18/20 9:30AM: Community COVID-19 Drive-Thru Testing Site Announcement  
  03/17/20 Evening Update  
  03/17/20 Mid-Day Update  
  03/17/20 Morning Update  
  03/16/20 Afternoon Update  
  03/16/20 Mid Day Update  
  03/16/20 - Message from the Director of Teller Public Health and Environment  
  03/13/20 - Message from the Director of Teller Public Health and Environment  
  03/13/20 - Advisory Message from Teller County Regional Medical Providers
03/10/20 - Message from the Director of Teller Public Health and Environment