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Check here for information about Tobacco, Worksite Wellness and many other resources.

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Check here for information about topics that impact individuals and the community such as radon, mold, water and air quality.

If you have other questions about this type of information please contact Teller County Environmental Health Department. This agency is primarily responsible for administering the Individual Sewage Disposal Systems program and the Consumer Food Service Protection program. The Department is also involved in regulating air quality, water quality, solid waste and other environmental health concerns.


Teller County Help
Where can you get free food, help with legal aid, mental health services, or information about getting your GED? Check out this section for numerous resources including links to many online resources.
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Do you smoke? Are you trying to quit? Are you exposed to second-hand smoke?
Please look here for information about smoking and quitting.
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Interested in lowering your organizations health care costs? And build a healthier work environment?
Below are some organizations in Teller County promoting and practicing worksite wellness. To get started call Jacqueline Davis, RN , MA at 687-6416. TCPH has programs available to get your organization moving and build a worksite health promotion program that is aligned with your organization's business objectives.

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What You Need to Know About Obesity
Is it really harmful to be overweight? Yes! Overweight and obesity are associated with heart disease, certain types of cancer, type 2 diabetes, stroke, arthritis, breathing problems, and psychological disorders, such as depression.

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