Teller County Public Health & Environment

Emergency Assistance and Response Program (EARP)

Teller County's Local Emergency Planning Committee (LEPC) and the Office of Emergency Management have initiated a program to identify individuals within our area that may require special assistance during a future emergency or disaster known as the "Emergency Assistance and Response Program" (EARP).

The LEPC will solicit participation in this voluntary program through cooperation with the Teller County Senior Coalition, Prospect Home Care and Hospice, local churches, and social groups.

Interested individuals can fill out a simple form that will allow authorities to quickly contact that individual during an emergency, such as an evacuation, and determine if that individual needs help or assistance.

The EARP program will be integrated with the El Paso - Teller 911 System and allow authorities to automatically call the entire "group" or selected individuals within a specific area depending upon the emergency. Additionally, the program will allow authorities to display the exact residence location on an electronic map allowing response teams to quickly locate those individuals.

For more information, please call us at Teller County Public Health - 719.687.6416.