Health Education

Want to learn more about how to get healthy and stay that way?

Visit these links for health-related information and to find out about nutrition classes.

Senior Circle at Pikes Peak Regional Hospital
Altitude Sickness
Summer WITHOUT Sunburn!
Keeping The Holiday Pounds Off by Cord Prettyman, MPT
Family Health History
Teller County Cancer Survivors Support and Education Group - call 719-365-6741 for more information.
Community Partnership Family Resource Center
Healthier Living Colorado Workshop for Diabetes
Protect Against Hanta Virus
What Do You Really Know About Teen Partying?
Poison Smarts
Deep Vein Thrombosis
Stress Reduction and Breast Cancer
Blood Clots/Stroke - Indicators
It's Your Skin.  Wear It Well!
Pistachio Recall for Salmonella Poisoning
How to Lower Your Cholesterol
How to Improve Your Cholesterol
Colds and Flu - What Can You Do?
Winter Poison Hazards
America On The Move
Don't Let Food-Borne Illness Spoil Your Holiday Festivities