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Men's Health

Men: Are you curious about your overall health?

TCPH provides free programs and sliding scale fee services to assess and address your health needs.

The programs and services TCPH offers men include:

    •Sexually Transmitted Disease exams and testing
    •Sexual and relational health education
    •Nutrition and Registered Dietician services
    •Blood Pressure
    •Vasectomy Consults and Referrals - Consults and referrals are available to qualified men through Teller County Public Health.
     Call and speak with our Family Planning nurse, Darlyn Miller, RN, BSN at 687-6416

Recommend web sites about men's health

    • Men's Health: American Academy of Family Physicians
    • National Institutes of Health - Men's Health: MedlinePlus
    • Men's Health: Centers for Disease Control
    • What You Need to Know About Prostate Cancer

    • What You Need to Know About Testicular Cancer 
    • Men: Stay Healthy at Any Age – Agency for Healthcare Policy and Research