Risk Factors and Self Care Management

How's Your Heart Health? Are you at risk? We can help!
Did you know that cardiovascular disease is the number one killer of adults in Colorado and the US?

Risk factors for heart attack, stroke and other complications include:

    • A personal or family history of heart or circulatory problems or diabetes
    • Age - especially for men over 45 and women over 55
    • High cholesterol (over 200)
    • Smoking
    • High blood pressure (over 120/80)
    • Diabetes (blood glucose 126 and above)
    • Pre-Diabetes (blood glucose 100-125)
    • Being overweight (BMI 25 or over)

How Can You Reduce Your Risk?

While you cannot control your age or family history, there are steps you can take to lower your risk of cardiovascular disease:

    • Lowering your cholesterol
    • Losing weight
    • Quitting smoking
    • Maintaining a healthy diet
    • Getting more active

Teller County Public Health can help with our new Be Well Colorado Workshops or Healthy Mountain Living Self-Care Case Management Program.
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