Teller County Public Health & Environment

Seniors and Disabled

Are you looking for a doctor, dentist or physical therapist in Teller County? Do you need to find the local hospital or urgent care facility?

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At-Risk Adults
• Blood Pressure and Pulse Oxygen Checks -
  Teller County Public Health does complimentary blood pressure and pulse oxygen screenings for seniors at the following times and places: 
        Senior Center in Woodland Park - second Thursdays starting at 11:15
        Cripple Creek Aspen Mine Center - last Friday of the month at 11:30 Florissant Senior Center -
        For more information at 687-6416.
Emergency Assistance and Response Program (EARP)
File of Life
Health Care Providers
Medicaid Providers

Are you a Medicare-only individual who is having trouble paying for prescription drugs?
If you are eligible for Medicare and have limited income and resources, you may qualify for extra help for Medicare. It could be worth over $3,300 in savings on prescription drug costs per year.

You can find assistance by visiting these links below:

Medicare Prescription Help
Social Security Medicare Prescription Help