Teller County Division of Parks

Trails and Pathways


Trails General Planning and Development Policy:
The primary role of the Teller County Division of Parks in the provision of trails and pathways is to foster non-motorized transportation, with a particular emphasis on creating bicycle and pedestrian links between communities, schools and commercial centers. This is intended to complement and integrate with efforts by other resource management agencies and local governments to provide trails and pathways for transportation and recreation (see trail links below).

The Teller County trails include the Divide Loop trail at Hayden Divide Park and the Catamount trail, part of the Catamount Resource Protection Area (see T.C. park sites and Catamount section for more information on these trails).


Trails and Open Space Coalition Friends of the Peak (Pikes Peak)
American Discovery Trail Vindicator Trail in Victor, Colorado
American Hiking Society



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