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Teller County Transportation Study

 Conducted by TranSystems Corporation
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Teller County 2020 Transportation Plan
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The purpose of the plan, commissioned by Teller County, was to identify
    a) the safety and capacity of the existing road system in Teller County
    b) needed transportation facilities, new or upgraded, to meet current and future travel, and
    c) the most cost-effective approach to maintaining existing, new, and upgraded facilities during the next 20 years.

The project began with a "windshield inventory" of existing county-maintained roads and connecting accesses from public roads (federal, state, municipal, and adjacent counties), private roads, and driveways. The consultant team (TranSystems Corporation) inventoried road types (gravel, dust-suppressed, chip and seal, or paved), conditions of the roadway, alignment, striping, signage, guardrails and other safety-related features. Consideration was given to use of roadways and interface with roadways by bicyclists and other non-auto users.

Now that the inventory is completed, the results are entered into a database and show graphically on a map of the county’s transportation network.
Projections about future population and job growth, impacts of existing and planned land use, and anticipated travel patterns and traffic volumes all were evaluated relative to the existing transportation network. The information will be used to identify and evaluate transportation problems and opportunities, and to develop goals and objectives for roadways, including non-roadway modes such as pedestrian/bicycle trails, public transit service, elderly/disabled Para-transit services, ridesharing (carpools and vanpools), and park and ride locations.

Citizens of Teller County were asked to help Teller County staff and the consultant team develop these goals and objectives. Two sets of public meetings, in a workshop/open house format, were held to gather feedback from the public. The meetings were held in Divide, Cripple Creek and Woodland Park. The first set of public meetings occurred early in the project to identify issues and to refine goals. The second set of public meetings reviewed alternative solutions that have been developed in response to identified problems and issues. In addition to meetings, citizens were kept informed and were able to offer comments on the County’s Internet web page at Citizens also had an opportunity to comment on the final recommended plan at a formal Board of County Commissioner's meeting.

Based on input from Teller County citizens, and analysis from the Teller County staff and the consultant team, a recommended plan of policies and actions has been submitted to the Teller County Board of County Commissioners for adoption. The plan consists of two parts, a "wish list" of improvements and projects with no regard for budget, and a prioritized list of improvements and projects in line with a fiscally reasonable budget. The "wish list" identifies all the needs of the Teller County transportation system, and the "budget-conscious" plan will pare the "wish list" to high-priority improvements in line with expected available funding. The difference between the two plans represents the unmet needs and provides a target for development of additional funding sources.

Please contact Brad Shaw - Operations Supervisor of the Teller County Department of Transportation, at (719) 687-8812 or E-Mail with questions or comments.