Teller County Sheriff's Office

Teller County Jail
Inmate Phone and Commissary Info

Contact Info
288 Weaverville Rd, Divide, CO 80814
Mailing Address: PO Box 730, Divide, CO 80814
Phone: 719.687.7770  Fax: 719.687.9176

Using JailATM, an online system to Email or order Commissary/Gift Packs

Go to to set up an account.
If you are having technical difficulties setting up an account - visit for further information. VISA and MasterCard accepted

Cash can be accepted 24/7 at the electronic Kiosk located in the lobby of the Teller County Jail, 288 Weaverville Road, Divide, CO, 80814. Please note: no change can be given.

Persons desiring to send funds to an inmate’s account at the Teller County Jail may send the following:
    • Cashier’s Checks
    • Money Orders

Money orders and checks must be filled out in their entirety and payable to Teller County Jail with inmate’s full booking name.
    Send to:
    Inmate’s Full Booking Name
    Teller County Jail
    PO Box 730
    Divide, CO 80814

No Cash / No Personal Checks will ever be accepted through the mail.

Mail received of an Inmate who is no longer in our custody will be returned to sender.

Phone Calls

Inmates are not able to receive incoming calls. Inmates may place collect calls from the jail to a private number after an account is established with Securus Family and Friends (1-800-844-6591), or visit for further information.