Possessory Interests

Possessory interests are private property interests in government-owned property or the right to the occupancy and use of any benefit in government-owned property that has been granted under lease, permit, license, concession, contract, or other agreement. In simplest terms, it is the right to possess and use government-owned property for a defined period of time.

Some examples of possessory interests are:

  Ski areas on public land
  Land, improvements and personal property used at a government-owned airport
  Private companies using government-owned land, improvements and personal property for profit
   (excluding management contracts)
  Private cabins on rented government land

Possessory Interests are valued in accordance with the specific standards and procedures established in ยง 39-1-103(17)(a), C.R.S.

Land owned by the government and used for ranching and farming by private parties is a taxable possessory interest. In most cases, the actual value of the interest is equivalent to the annual rental amount. A Level of Value adjustment factor, which is provided by the Property Tax Administrator, is applied to the actual value.