The Assessor understands if you disagree with your property value and as a taxpayer, it is important for you to exercise your right by formally protesting.

You may protest your value between May 01 and June 01 each year. Please note that any appeal must be postmarked or delivered by June 01 or, if June 01 falls on a Saturday or Sunday, the postmark or delivery must be the next business day.

Properties are revalued in odd years. Notices of Value (NOV) are only mailed in odd years. An intervening year NOV is needed in cases when new construction, additions, or alterations have occurred.

Special NOVs are sent after the August Abstract and Certification in instances of property splits, lot line vacations, acreage changes or classification changes, etc.

The assessment process involves gathering and analyzing as much information as practicable with respect to all properties in order to determine property values. To value your property, the Assessor uses mass appraisal methodology and, from time-to-time, certain properties may not fit the model. While every effort is made to review the data and ensure consistency, reasonableness, and accuracy, sometimes values may need to be adjusted.

If you do not agree with the Assessor’s valuation of your property, you have three (3) options for protesting:

     • Complete the protest form on the back of your Notice of Value (NOV). Please be sure to complete the
        information and SIGN the form or your protest cannot be logged.

     • Log on to the Online Protest form here. You will need the PIN number found on your Notice of Value
       (NOV), in the upper right hand corner under the Assessor’s website address.

     • You may call our office at 719.689.2941 and make an appointment to meet with an appraiser
       and protest in person.

     • In an even year, you may schedule an appointment or send an appeal request in writing
       (signed & dated) during the above dates.

Suggestions for Protesting Your Value:

To assist you in protesting your value for 2015 or 2016, please do the following:

     • Review all of the characteristics shown for your property online or on your Notice of Value. Note any
       characteristics that are not correct.

     • Review the comparable sales used to value your property.  There are two ways to access the data:
        1) At the top of this web page is a banner with a link to "Online Services".  Click on the
           "Property Records Database Search".  Select an option for searching your property
           (name, address, legal, etc.).  Bring up your property record and click on the link under your
           property's legal description for the comparable sales.
        2) If you do not have computer access or, if you have difficulty in accessing this information,
            request the comparable sales used to value your property. 
     • Request the comparables used to value your property by:
           • Calling the office at 719.689.2941
           • E-mailing the office at
           • Faxing the office at 719.686.0988
     • Use the Comparable Property Analysis spreadsheet Tool  (Note: This is a Microsoft Excel © spreadsheet)
           • Select properties that are as similar to your property as possible, including size and property characteristics
           • Select properties that sold before June 30, 2014, as close to that date as possible
           • Drive by each one, photograph it, and make notes about its similarities and differences
           • Complete the spreadsheet by overwriting fields shown in red.
              Be sure to add the comparables in lines 1 through 6 using the same fields).
                  Note: if you put your cursor over any field with a small red triangle in the upper right corner, you will see helpful hints
     • Make an appointment with the appraiser who is handling your subdivision and bring all of your information with
       you, including (1) any appraisals done before June 30, 2014, (2) any market analysis provided by a real estate
       broker, and (3) any other information that will help the appraiser