Teller County Coroner's Office

Al Born RPh, MS - Coroner
719.687.9778 (office) 
719.200.5837 (Cell)

Kayla Daugherty - Deputy Coroner

Coroner Duties

The Office of County Coroner is an elective office mandated by C.R.S. 30-10-601.  The Coroner documents the cause and manner of all Teller County deaths.  The Coroner's duties include:

 ◦ Pronouncement of death
    ◦ Death scene investigation, as needed
    ◦ Notification of next-of-kin
    ◦ Identification of deceased
    ◦ Medicolegal investigation* of the death
    ◦ Determination of need for autopsy & other tests
    ◦ Determination of cause & manner of death
    ◦ Completion of Death Certificate

*The Teller County Coroner carries out the medicolegal death investigation process via:
    ◦ Evaluation of deceased's medical history
    ◦ Interview of witnesses, family, friends, neighbors, etc.
    ◦ Autopsy, as needed
    ◦ Toxicology, radiology, fingerprint ID, as needed
    ◦ Use of forensic experts in fields of pathology, genetics, etc.

Teller County Coroner's Office Facts & Information

"The high percentage of 'Natural' deaths underscores the need to have a Coroner with an extensive clinical background so that the deceased's medical history is readily understandable and an accurate cause of death can be determined without resorting to a costly and unnecessary autopsy."

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