Community Corrections

P.O. Box 275

Divide, Colorado 80814

(719) 687-7770         
Fax - (719) 687-2954

Inmate Services Coordinator - Officer Ian Christiansen 


Do you need to do USEFUL Public Service for the Teller County or Woodland Park Courts?

Once you have your case number, offense and number of community service hours required, please call: (719) 687-7770

If you live outside of Teller County we can help you complete your hours in your community.

Most Frequently Asked Questions...

1. If I live in another County, may I do my community service there?




Answer: Yes, call (719) 687-7770 for details.

2. What type of work will I do?

Answer: Working for non-profit or government organizations. We try to fit your needs and times into the organizations' needs and time schedule.

3. What if I can only do my community service on one day of the week?

Answer: That's great. We can find a place for you.



An example of Community Corrections volunteer hours served to the community during the year 2000 were 25,499. One third of those service hours were served in other Counties. 611 people completed this community service in some of the following activities:

                Helped prepare & serve lunches at Senior Center in Woodland Park

                Sort & box food for Community Cupboard

                Set up Christmas Lights

                Paint buildings at Fairgrounds (saved the County $5,000)

                Build displays & cataloging of items at District Museum in Cripple Creek

                Assist at Cripple Creek Park & Rec

                Clear trails at Florissant Fossil Beds

                Help at a non-profit daycare center

                Make bookcases at the Sheriff's Office (savings of between $300-$1,000)

                Made many toys for schools and daycare centers