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Appeals and Protests Information

What is the difference between an Appeal and a Protest?

• An Appeal is a formal disagreement with the Assessor’s final determination of the valuation or classification of your property after you have protested. This appeal is made to the County Board of Equalization.

• A Protest is a formal disagreement with the Assessor’s valuation or classification of your property.

How do I protest the Assessor’s valuation of my property?
You may protest your value only from May 3 to June 1, 2021. DO NOT miss the deadline or you will not be able to protest after June 1, 2021.

You have three (3) options for protesting:
1) Complete the protest form on the back of your Notice of Value (NOV). Please be sure to complete the information and SIGN the form or your protest cannot be logged.
2) Log on to the ONLINE PROTEST FORM. You will need the PIN number found on the mailed Notice of Value (NOV), in the upper right hand corner under the Assessor’s website address. This form is only available during May 3 to June 1.
3) Go paperless and receive your Notices of Value by email.  Click here for more info. eNotices

You may call our office at 719.689.2941 and make an appointment to meet with an appraiser and protest in person.

If you cannot locate your Notice of Value (NOV), you may use the generic form NOTICE OF VALUE PROTEST FORM.

Note: If you are protesting in an even-numbered year, your right to appeal expires June 1 of that even-numbered year.

What do I need to prove that the valuation or classification is incorrect?

You will need to prove that there is an appropriate basis for an alternate valuation or classification of your property. Please note the following:
• Previous valuations are not presumed to be correct.
• Proof must be by a “preponderance of evidence”.

Show FACTS, such as:
• Assessor failed to consider elements of applicable approaches to appraisal
• Assessor failed to properly consider a factor relevant to valuation
• Assessor failed to take into account relevant differences in the physical characteristics of comparable properties

What if the Assessor denies my protest?

If the Assessor denies your request for revaluation, you may appeal to the County Board of Equalization (CBOE). If you request a hearing, you may:
• Request all available data from the Assessor that was used to support the valuation. It must be provided to you no less than two (2) days before the hearing date.
• Be present at the CBOE hearing and provide evidence about the protested valuation or designate a representative to represent you.

What if the Board of Equalization denies my protest?

If the CBOE denies the taxpayer’s request, the taxpayer may request binding arbitration, appeal to the State BAA (Board of Assessment Appeals) or to District Court.
Click here for more information about District Court

What is the Board of Assessment Appeals and what does it do?

The Board of Assessment Appeals (BAA) hears appeals filed by real and personal property owners about their assigned property values after the CBOE has rendered a decision on the appeal of the Assessor’s valuation. If you disagree with the CBOE’s decision, you may appeal to the BAA within 30 days from the date of the CBOE decision. For rules and the current appeal form, click here.

If you do not agree with the decision of the BAA, you may appeal to the Court of Appeals.

Suggestions for Protesting Your Value:

To assist you in protesting your value, please do the following:
• Review all of the characteristics shown for your property online or on your Notice of Value. Note any characteristics that are not correct.
• Review the comparable sales data used to value your property.

There are two ways to access the data:
1) The Assessor's Office link to the Property Records Database Search. Select an option for searching your property (name, address, legal, etc.). Bring up your property record and click on the link under your property's legal description for the comparable sales.
2) If you do not have computer access or, if you have difficulty in accessing this information, request the comparable sales used to value your property.

Make an appointment with the appraiser who is handling your area and bring all of your information with you, including:
1) any appraisals done within the time frame,
2) any market analysis provided by a real estate broker, and
3) any other information that will help the appraiser

What if I decide not to appeal after I have completed the paperwork?

Please complete the Withdrawal Form and fax, scan and email, mail or personally deliver the signed form.

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