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Property Taxpayer Bill of Rights

You have the right to fair and uniform valuation for assessment of real and personal property (Colorado Constitution, Article X, Section 3)

• You have the right to be treated with respect and courtesy
• You have the right to be provided necessary services that will assist you in complying with the property tax laws of Colorado
• You have the right to have your property valued based upon the proper classification
• You have the right to have your property valued using the proper approaches to value
• You have the right to certain exemptions, if you qualify
• You have the right to a new valuation in odd-numbered years (annually for personal property)
• You have the right to protest your valuation or appoint an agent to act on your behalf
• You have the right to appeal denials of valuation changes, exemptions, or abatement requests

Property owners have the following responsibilities:
• Apply for exemptions by the appropriate deadlines
• Report taxable business personal property if it exceeds a certain threshold ($50,000)
• Verify your property information online and/or on the statements you receive from the Assessor
• Pay your fair share of taxes timely

Remember that taxes are not set by the Assessor, but are set by local authorities. Mill levies cannot be increased without approval by the voters of the appropriate district, municipality, or county. Any change in the allocation for assessed values established by the Gallagher amendment (7.15% for residential and 29% for all other properties) must be voted upon by voters of Colorado

All levels of government involved in the property tax system should recognize that they exist to serve their citizens (CRS 39-1-105.5)

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