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Qualified Sales

2021 Qualified Sales

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Improved Residential Qualified Sales List
Commercial Qualified Sales List
Vacant Land Qualified Sales List

Qualified Sales are used by the Assessor to set values, building depreciation, market conditions, sales ratio studies, and the analysis and evaluation process.

Qualified Sales are sales that are ‘arm’s-length’ transactions, which are sales between buyers and sellers acting independently of one another and are not related in some manner. Parties can be related by blood or marriage, but they can also be related through business relationships, such as partnerships, corporations, or other agency agreements. Related parties can include officers of a corporation who transact business with the corporation or its subsidiaries.

Qualified Sales are confirmed and verified through various processes, including Real Property Transfer Declaration forms, sales confirmation questionnaires, interviews, and inspections.

Non-qualified Sales are sales that have been eliminated from consideration as comparable property sales because they were one or more of the following:
    1) Sales outside of the statutory 18-month period (note that sales older than 18 months can be considered up to 60 months, if necessary)
    2) Non-arm’s length transactions
    3) Contracts for sale, if they have not been completed
    4) No documentary fee was paid
    5) Deeds in Lieu of Foreclosure

Speculative sales usually result from anticipation of planned or proposed economic or political events that are expected to result in future gains or profits. When speculation fails to materialize, the sales may be disqualified if they meet the following four conditions:
    1) The anticipated event must be considered a real possibility
    2) There must be documented increases in sales activity and prices
    3) The anticipated event fails to materialize
    4) The speculative sales must be confirmed as having been non-arm’s-length sales (examples: contingency clauses with down payment forfeiture, owner financing with large down payment, typical lenders would not normally finance, cash transactions where financing is typical and prices paid are inordinately high)

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