Teller County Planning Department

Land Use Regulations - Handouts / Application Forms

2008 Teller County Land Use Regulations
Adopted; December 6, 2007       Effective Date: January 1, 2008

Handouts / Application Forms

Zoning District Handouts

pdf A-1 (Agricultural) Zoning District
pdf C-1 (Commercial) Zoning District
pdf C-2 (Commercial Overlay) Zoning District
pdf R-1 (Residential) and R-1M (Residential Mobile Home) Zoning District
pdf Summary of Zone District Uses

Handouts for Applications

pdf Environmental Description
pdf Minimum Contents of a Development Permit Application
pdf Amended Final Plat (Full)
pdf Special Exemption Plat
pdf Special Review Uses
     pdf Special Review Use Application
pdf Variance
pdf Mineral Estate Notice Form

Handouts - Miscellaneous

pdf Animals in Residential Zone Districts
pdf Bed and Breakfast
pdf Signs - Real Estate and Related Signs
pdf Signs - General Sign Information
pdf Home Occupation
pdf Human Care Services
pdf Kennel Permit
pdf Resort and Recreational Facilities