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  • Office of the Teller County Clerk & Recorder
    PO Box 1010 / 101 W. Bennett Ave.
    Cripple Creek, CO 80813
    719.689.2951    fax 719.686.8030

    Teller County Clerk and Recorder's Office
    Location:  Teller County Courthouse - 101 W. Bennett Ave.  Cripple Creek, CO 80813
    Woodland Park Branch Office - 800 Research Drive, Suite 200 Tamarac Business Center  Woodland Park, CO 80863
    Office Hours:  Teller County Courthouse: M-F, 8 am - 4:30 pm (Except Holidays)
    Woodland Park Branch Office: M-F, 7:30 am - 4 pm (Except Holidays)
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    The office of the Clerk and Recorder is established under Section 8 Article XIV of the Colorado Constitution.

    Duties of the Clerk and Recorder include:
        • Chief Election Official in Teller County
        • Agent of the State of Colorado for Motor Vehicle titling and licensing
        • Official recorder of property and other legal documents for Teller County
        • Agent of the the State of Colorado for issuing marriage licenses
        • Clerk to the Board of County Commissioners for Teller County
        • County Commissioner Meeting Dates
    Krystal Brown
    Krystal Brown - Clerk and Recorder

    New Recording Fees January 1, 2017
    As a result of the passing of SB16-115, Colorado recording fees will be calculated as follows:

    • $13 for the first page and $5 for each additional page for all recorded documents
    • $8 for the first page and $5 for each additional page plus $0.25 for each claim/lode listed for mining documents
    • The new recording fees will go into effect on January 1, 2017
    • To minimize disruptions to your operations, please update your processes accordingly to mitigate against rejections
    • If you have questions, please contact the Colorado County Clerk’s Association CCCAExecutiveDirector@gmail.com or the Teller County Clerk and Recorder’s
      Recording Department at 719-686-8035

    Elections Department
    The Elections Department provides Voter Registration Applications, lists and labels, Voter Precinct and Commissioner District maps and Campaign Finance Information.

    Services Provided Include:
     • Colorado Address Confidentiality Program (for victims of violent crime or stalking)
     • Contact Information for Elected Officials (Federal, State, Local)
    County Commissioner District Map
    Election Judge Information
     • Military and Overseas Citizens Online Ballot
    Previous Election Results
    Verify Your Voter Registration Information Here
    Voting Precinct Map

    Motor Vehicle Department
    The Motor Vehicle Department provides services for titling, registering, licensing and registration renewal of all types of motor vehicles and trailers within Teller County. The department also verifies that vehicles are in compliance with mandatory insurance coverage.

    Services Provided Include:

    Colorado Driver's License Locations
     • Online Vehicle Registration Renewal
    Change of Address Form for Vehicle Registration
    License Plate Types
    Motor Vehicle Sales Tax Info

    Recording Department
    The Recording Department records documents for public record. Documents to be recorded should be submitted to the office of the Clerk and Recorder at the County Courthouse at 101 W. Bennett Ave., or mailed to PO Box 1010, Cripple Creek, CO 80813.

    Services Provided Include:

     • Civil Unions
     • County Commissioner Meeting Agendas and Minutes
     • Dog Licenses
     • eRecording Information
     • Liquor Licenses
     • Marriage Licenses
     • Recorded Document Search
    Recording Fees
     • Vital Records (Birth and Death Records)

    Vital Records Department
    The Vital Records Department is responsible for issuing birth and death certificates. The department is also responsible for reporting all Marriage and Civil Union Licenses issued in Teller to the State of Colorado.

    Services Provided Include:
    Birth Certificate Application
     • Death Certificate Application
     • Marriage License Information
     • Civil Union Information