Teller County Department of Human Services

Child Support Services

Child Support Services Contact Information
Phone: 1-800-374-6558 or 719-686-5536

Young Williams, Government Health and Human Services provides child support services to the residents of Teller County under the direction of the Department of Human Services. Young Williams operates El Paso County Child Support Services and child support offices in 13 states.

The Teller County child support services consist of:
    • locating hard-to-find parents who have a child support (or foster care) case
    • establishing paternity if a child is born out of wedlock,
    • establishing a child financial and medical support order,
    • enforcing an order
    • modifying an order if either the mother's or father's income substantially changes.

Additionally, the Teller County Parent Opportunity Program (POP) provides parents with job training and placement assistance, and information about other resources that may help a parent overcome barriers that prevent the parent from fully supporting a child emotionally or financially.