Teller County Department of Human Services

Foster Care Program

Things To Consider

"Help a child with the greatest adventure: LIFE! Be a Foster Parent."

Things to Consider
    • What are your beliefs and attitudes about the Teller County Department of Himan Services?
    • What are your beliefs and attitudes about Foster Care?
    • What are your reasons/motivation for becoming a foster or foster/adopt parent?
    • Are you ready emotionally and is your home ready?
    • What impact might fostering have on your own family? What if you end up adopting a child?
    • How stable is your family?
    • How is the physical health of your family members and yourself?
    • What age and behaviors of children vs. your own children would be the best match?
    • Have you talked to your own children and/or family about fostering?
    • Is it realistic for you to become a foster parent?

How is fostering similar to parenting your own children?
   • They need daily care and supervision
    • they need their basic physical and emotional needs met
    • You’ll work with schools, medical personnel, and other professionals to meet their needs
    • You'll help guide the child’s development in all areas: physical, emotional, social, spiritual, etc
    • Provide structure, rules, and discipline
    • Teach values and self-direction
    • Model appropriate family relationships

How is fostering different from parenting your own children?
    • Must be able to recognize that a child in care may have a variety of developmental levels which may or may not match his/her chronological age
    • Only having a limited time to work with a child and his family
    • Understanding and accepting agency/department involvement and responsibilities
    • Comply with certification standards
    • Must keep records
    • Must work with biological children to support reunification (if appropriate)
    • Will be able to make only limited decisions
    • Must respect confidentiality
    • Must report changes in family household to the department
    • Must be able to offer flexibility and work with the objectives of the case plan (visitation, therapy, etc.)

How is fostering similar to a job?
    • Have specific duties and responsibilities
    • Held accountable
    • You work closely with professionals in a child's life
    • You keep records
    • Maintain confidentiality

How is fostering different from a job?
    • It involves the entire family
    • Requires a warm environment, involving love and commitment
    • On duty 24 hours a day, 365 days a year
    • Fostering is not a source of income or a form of employment

Basic expectations of a foster parent:
    • Support reunification when it is in the best interest of the child
    • Healthy communication with a child's treatment team
    • To ask for support when needed

Teller County DSS Foster Care Program 
P.O. Box 7245 / 800 Research Dr., Suite 100 
Tamarac Business Center 
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Foster Care/Adoption Coordinator 
Linda Arroyo