Teller County Department of Human Services

Foster Care Program

Basic Qualifications

"You don't have to be perfect to be a Foster Parent."

Basic Qualifications
    • Are at least 21 years old
    • Are single, married, divorced or widowed
    • Own or rent your home
    • Have adequate financial resources to maintain the home
    • Can provide for the child's physical, mental and character development

Qualities of Successful Foster Parents:
    • Are patient, committed and caring
    • Teachers, mentors and learners
    • Love a challenge and have a sense of humor
    • Are flexible
    • Youth in conflict
    • Ask for help and support when it's needed
    • Enjoy seeing children grow, thrive and achieve
    • Communicate well
    • Provide consistency and structure

    • Download the Application - Colorado State Application (click here for link)
    • Print application and complete.
    • Return completed application to Julie Gilley at address below
    • Meet with Foster Care Coordinator
    • Submit Fingerprints and Background Check
    • Complete 27 hours of Training
    • Complete Home Study Process
    • Complete Home Safety Check
    • Agree with signature to Teller County Policies and Procedures
    • 20 hours of Training are required for each licensing year. (The first year there is a total of 47 hours required; 27 hours before licensing and 20 hours for the fist year you are licensed.)

Teller County DSS Foster Care Program 
P.O. Box 7245 / 800 Research Dr., Suite 100 
Tamarac Business Center 
Woodland Park, CO 80863-7245
Foster Care/Adoption Coordinator 
Linda Arroyo