Teller County Employee Benefits

Employee Benefits

Teller County offers a wide range of benefits for all full-time employees including; Medical, Dental, Vision, Basic Life Insurance, Voluntary Supplemental Life Insurance, Long Term Disability Insurance, Employee Assistance Program, 401 (a) and 457 Retirement plans, AFLAC products, Wellness Incentive Program and accrued Paid Vacation and Sick Time. Full-time new hires are eligible for benefits on the 1st of the month following completion of two full months of employment, in no event later than 90 days from date of hire.

Medical Insurance
Employees have the option of two medical plans available;
    (1) High Deductible Health Plan (HDHP), for which the County pays the employee portion of premiums, and the employee pays any portion needed to cover family members. The HDHP comes with a Health Savings Account (H.S.A.) to which the County makes contributions to based on the coverage (employee only or family coverage).

    (2) PPO Plan which has no deductible, and the employee pays the full monthly premiums via payroll deduction.

Medical Ins 1

Health Savings Account (H.S.A.)
Employees selecting the HDHP plan also receive the benefit of a Health Savings Account (H.S.A.) which is an employee owned, tax-advantaged savings account, created to pay medical expenses. An H.S.A. allows the employee tax-free contributions (within IRS limits), tax-free growth of interest, tax-free disbursement of principal and interest to pay for qualified medical, dental and vision expenses.
    • County contributions are made each pay period: Employee only coverage $450.00 per calendar year, Family coverage $900.00 per calendar year.
    • For an expense to be eligible for reimbursement, the HSA must be opened prior to the expense occurring.
    • You may contribute the annual maximum in a calendar year, regardless of when your coverage begins, as long as you are covered for the next 12 months.
    • Interest earned on contributions is tax deferred.
    • Distributions from an HSA for qualified medical expenses are not taxable.
    • There are no time limits for reimbursements.
    • Over-the-Counter (OTC) drugs, medicines and biologicals will no longer be reimbursable through your HSA plan without a prescription.
    • Vision and dental services are qualified medical expenses.
    • Unused funds roll over each year.
    • Distributions made for other than qualified medical expenses are subject to income tax on that amount and a 20% penalty.
    • Anyone covered under Medicare cannot contribute.
    • Anyone covered under FSA/MERP/HRA’s, a non-HDHP policy or through the Military-cannot contribute.
    • If you are a veteran, you may not have received veteran’s benefits within the last three months.
    • Catch-up Contribution (55+ years old) $1,000

Dental Insurance
The dental plan has a calendar year maximum $1,000 for each covered person. The County pays the employee portion of premiums, and the employee pays any portion needed to cover family members.

Dental Ins

Vision Insurance
Teller County pays 100 percent of the premiums for all employees and their dependents. Coverage is provided through Vision Service Plan (VSP), a nationwide vision provider.

Vision Ins

Basic Life Insurance
All full-time employees of Teller County receive $25,000 basic life insurance with $25,000 Accidental Death and Dismemberment insurance at no cost.

Voluntary Life Insurance
Teller County also offers a Voluntary Supplemental Life Insurance program which allows newly hired employees to purchase additional life coverage on themselves, during their initial eligibility period, of up to a maximum of $100,000, additional life coverage on their spouse up to a maximum of $50,000, and coverage on their children for a flat benefit of $10,000 for each child. Supplemental accidental death and dismemberment coverage is also available on employee and spouse up to a maximum of the above mentioned amounts. Increases in coverage are available at the beginning of each plan year, subject to evidence of insurability.

Long Term Disability Coverage
Our Voluntary Long Term Disability coverage provides financial security in the event of a disability, after the 90 day elimination period of the disabling accident or illness. Premiums are paid fully by the employee. Coverage is available to newly hired employees during their initial eligibility period.

Retirement Plans
Teller County offers two retirement plans to employees, through Colorado County Officials and Employees Retirement Association (CCOERA). Both plans are “tax-favored” and available to all employees.


Teller County is an Equal Opportunity Employer