Teller County Office of Emergency Management

Secure Transportation Services Licensing Program

Beginning January 1, 2023, all secure transportation businesses must be licensed by the county in which they operate. All Secure Transportation Service businesses must be licensed, and all secure transportation vehicles must be permitted. The Board of County Commissioners conducts hearings and makes findings on whether to grant or deny a license or permit application.

Read the County Policy Here.

Secure Transportation Services can be licensed as either Class A (may use physical restraint) or Class B (no physical restraint).
    ◦ Instructions for Application - Service License
    ◦ Application for Secure Transportation Service License

Secure Transportation Vehicles can be permitted as either Type 1 (partitioned) or Type 2 (non-partitioned).
    ◦ Instructions for Application - Vehicle Permits
    ◦ Application for Secure Transportation Vehicle Permit
    ◦ Certification of Motor Vehicle Mechanical Evaluation
    ◦ Vehicle Inspection Report

If you are submitting a new or renewal application for a secure transportation business in Teller County, please call to schedule an appointment with the Licensing Coordinator by email to or telephone 719.686.7990.

View the Code of Colorado Regulations here on Secure Transportation Standards.

To file a formal complaint regarding a licensed Secure Transportation Service or concerns about an unlicensed service or unpermitted vehicle operating in Teller County, please complete the Complaint Form and email it to the Licensing Coordinator listed above, or mail it to Teller County OEM, Attn: STSLP Licensing Coordinator, PO Box 959  Cripple Creek, CO 80813