Youth Involvement

If we wish to make an everlasting and positive impact on the youth, it is important to include them as partners in the prevention process.

The Youth Involvement Work Group is essential for:
 - recruiting other youth
 - identifying meaningful opportunities for the youth within our community
 - expressing the needs, skills, and training that create healthy outcomes for young people

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SATURN is a community coalition that follows the CTC (Communities That Care) process
to prevent youth problem behaviors within Teller County

The CTC process
    - analyzes OUR community data
    - finds the gaps that increase the risks of problem behaviors
    - addresses those gaps



From the review of our community data, our risk factors are:
    - Availability of substances
    - Favorable parental attitudes towards substance use
And our protective factor is:
    - Opportunities for pro social involvement


"SATURN creates the opportunity for a brighter future for the youth in our community.  The CTC process designs a meaningful road map on how our community can help make our future leaders better as well as bringing our community together."
- Police Chief Miles DeYoung (Key Leader)

" I am motivated by my daughters' addiction that began when she was 15 years old.  It can happen to anyone.  As long as I am able, I will continue to support each and every attempt to help educate and prevent substance abuse that is threatening the youth in our community."
- Karen W. (Coalition Member)

The Work Groups

The coalition has 5 work groups.  Each work group is responsible for a multitude of things that keep the coalition active.

    -Analyzes community data and monitors changes in outcomes over time

Community Outreach & Public Relations
    - Communicates with the community and coalition members by providing education and updates about SATURN, as well as promote CTC

Community Assessment
    - Researches community services that address SATURN's selected Risk and Protective factors

Coalition Support
    - Determines what funding is needed and manages the funds to support SATURN and the action plan