Catamount Ranch Resource Protection Area


Why did the Teller County government buy Catamount Ranch in the first place?
The primary intent was to protect the land. This goal was met by the Conservation Easement, which is a legal deed restriction. It protects the land in perpetuity and substantially restricts any present and future uses on the property to maintain prescribed conservation values.

Is it about the protection of the land?
Yes. The County purchased the property with idea it would serve three open-land protection functions:
    a) Buffer / In-holding;
    b) Natural Areas and Nongame Wildlife Habitat
    c) Community Separators.

Will there be general public access?

Yes, in 2006. Our target opening date will be in early summer. Parks Division staff will be working throughout the fall and winter updating management plans, writing grants, securing funds and volunteer support, and constructing a trailhead and trail linkages to meet our goals. In the meantime, the Catamount Institute will continue to offer group educational programs and hikes on both Institute and county-owned property. For current access policies, click here.

Where did the money come from to buy the property?
For a detailed description of the sources of funds for the $1.1 million purchase of Catamount Ranch Resource Protection Area, click here.

Why is land being traded with The Catamount Institute?
Teller County will be trading 35-acre parcels with the Catamount Institute. The trade will provide the County with property adjacent to Edlowe Road (County Road #28), and the opportunity to create a trailhead and trail linkages into the remainder of the Catamount Ranch Resource Protection Area that easily accessible to Teller County residents. In addition, the trade gives the Catamount Institute 35 acres adjacent to its current property.

Are there other questions that you have regarding the Catamount Ranch Resource Protection Area?
Please contact the Teller County Public Works Administration office at (719)687-8812, and we will be happy to help.