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Parks General Planning and Development Policy:

The primary role of the Teller County Division of Parks in the provision of parks is an emphasis on development of Community-level parks and Sports Complexes.
It has been determined that with limited resources for capital improvement and development, as well as for long-term maintenance and operations, the focus should be in these critical areas of recreation service need.

The Parks Division, along with the Teller County Parks Advisory Board, recognizes the critical importance of Neighborhood parks and other park types to maintain a healthy community and a desirable quality of life. However, the responsibility for the provision and management of these other parks must fall to other jurisdictions.

The Teller County Division of Parks currently manages or co-manages 32 acres of developed, active use parks. These include:
    • American Eagles Overlook
    • Florissant Community Park
    • Hayden Divide Community Park
    • Sunnywood Neighborhood Park
    • Teller County Fair Grounds
    • Four Mile Scenic Park

Teller County Parks are available for everyone to enjoy. Certain County parks are available to schedule for exclusive use for activities and events.

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