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Teller County Parks Division
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Open Space General Planning and Development Policy:

The primary role of the Teller County Division of Parks in the protection of open lands in the Teller County region is education and advocacy.
Direct acquisition and/or management of additional open lands is unlikely at this time given the absence of dedicated funding for those purposes.

The Parks Division has been working with the Gold Belt National Scenic Byway Board of Directors to foster education and advocacy of open land protection options in southwestern Teller County and areas of northern Fremont County.

In addition, working with the Trails and Open Space Coalition of the Pikes Peak Region, the Parks Division formed the Rural Lifestyles Protection Group. This group, comprised of ranchers, rural property owners, agency officials and interested community members, was formed in 1999 to foster the "Preservation of Rural Lands" through education and advocacy directed towards private property owners.

Teller County Open Space Project Links:
    • Catamount Ranch Resource Protection Area
    • Trails and Open Space Coalition
    • Teller Historic and Environmental Coalition
    • Palmer Land Trust

Other Open Space Links:
    • The Nature Conservancy
    • Colorado Open Space Alliance
    • Gold Belt National Scenic Byway