Teller County Department of Transportation

Contact Info

Location: 308 Weaverville Rd. Bldg A, Divide, CO    
Mailing Address: PO Box 805, Divide, CO 80814
Office Hours: Monday-Friday 7:30AM to 4:00PM  (Except Holidays)
Phone: 719.687.8812        Fax: 719.686.5454
Email: Brad Shaw - Operations Supervisor
Bryan Kincaid - Right-of-Way (ROW) Manager

Our Mission:
The mission of the Department of Transportation is to plan and use our resources wisely to provide safe and reliable transportation systems through maintenance and improvement. We will strive to accomplish this mission with a spirit of teamwork, by allowing open communications, and with a true sense of dedication and responsibility to our community.

Guiding Principles:
    • Provide a safe and reliable Transportation System - one that is the most efficient with the available funding.
    • Provide quality Customer Service by striving to provide maintenance levels necessary to achieve public satisfaction.
    • Ensure that projects provide the most functional and economic benefit through responsible expenditure of funds and quality intergovernmental relations.

Services Provided Include:

    • Road Maintenance and Improvement Plan
        • Current Year Road Maintenance and Improvement Plan
    • Roadway Design and Construction Standards
    • Dept. of Transportation FAQ
    • Description of Road Classifications
    • Parking on County Maintained Roads
    • Driveways and Driveway Access Requirements
    • Driveway Access Info
    • Permits
    • Special Transport Permit and Invoice Form
    • Animal Carcass Removal Policy
    • County Right-of-Way
    • Property Tax Distribution

Snow Removal Information
    • Snow and Ice Control Policy
    • Mailboxes - Teller County does not provide snow removal in front of mailboxes or mail box units. Homeowners are responsible for cleaning out in front of mailboxes to ensure mail delivery.