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Teller County Department of Transportation

Road Classifications


PRINCIPAL ARTERIAL ROADS - Serves the major traffic movement within areas of the County such as between business districts and outlying residential areas, or between major suburban rural centers. Provides continuity for all rural arterial roads which intersect the urban areas of the County.
MINOR ARTERIAL ROADS - Serves trip of moderate length at a somewhat lower level of travel mobility than Principal Arterial roads. Provides access to geographic areas smaller than those served by the higher system. These roads connect to rural collector roads to facilitate the movement of vehicles from rural subdivisions and areas.
COLLECTOR ROADS - Collector roads collect traffic from local subdivision areas and channel it into the arterial system. These roads provide both land access and traffic circulations within residential neighborhoods. Only some collector roads will receive hard cover (Chip and Seal) depending on the volume of traffic traveling these roads.
LOCAL ROADS - The local street system is comprised of roads not of the higher system. Provides direct access to abutting land and access to the higher order system. Through traffic is deliberately discouraged.
OTHER ROADS - Roads designated on plats filed with the County or dedicated for public use, but were not constructed to County standards. Until such time that these roads are upgraded the County will only provide emergency access and maintenance.

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