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Foreclosure Information

The Teller County Public Trustee's Office has provided this information for educational purposes; it is not intended to serve as legal advise.

The Teller County Public Trustee database information is updated daily and is as current and accurate as is practical, but it is not official. You may use this data at your own risk. If you have any questions about this data please call the Public Trustee's Office at 719.689.2985

Foreclosure documents are public records and are recorded with the Teller County Clerk and Recorder's Office. You may have cured your default or the foreclosure action has otherwise been withdrawn, but the records remain permanently available to the public for viewing.

Important Forecloure Information

• Foreclosure Sales are conducted at the Public Trustee’s Office, Teller County Courthouse, 101 W. Bennett Avenue, Cripple Creek Colorado every Wednesday morning at 10:00 a.m.

• Per Colorado State Statute (C.R.S. 38-37-108) all payments made for purchases of a foreclosure sale, cure or redemption shall be in the form of cash,* electronic transfer to an account of the Public Trustee, certified check, cashier’s check, or money order made payable to the Teller County Public Trustee.

*electronic funds MUST be verified as received into the Public Trustee’s account prior to the foreclosure sale.

• The “scheduled” foreclosure list is available on the County website as soon as a “bid” comes into the office and updated in the file. If no bids are received - all sales are postponed to a later date. PLEASE NOTE: If NO bids are received for a specific week, NOTHING appears on the list for that scheduled Wednesday.

Prepare in Advance: It is your responsibility to do the research before coming to a sale and preparing to bid on a property. The Public Trustee does NOT know if the Deed of Trust being foreclosed is a first lien. In the State of Colorado, prior liens remain intact against a property – subsequent liens are extinguished against the property. Priority of liens are established by the date of recording in the Clerk and Recorder’s Office.

• You must be present at the foreclosure sale. Someone can represent you at the sale, and they must provide a document authorizing them to bid for you. If someone is representing you at the sale please provide them with the exact name in which the Certificate of Purchase will be issued along with a good mailing address.

• All bids must start at least $1.00 over the lender’s bid amount. The successful bidder MUST present the guaranteed funds at the time of the foreclosure sale. Any excess amounts will be returned to the bidder on the day of sale.

Important Additional Notes:

• YOU ARE BUYING THE PROPERTY “AS-IS” CONDITION. Colorado is a buyer – beware state. You have NO way to view the property prior to the foreclosure sale.

• On the day of sale, the successful bidder receives a Certificate of Purchase. YOU DO NOT HAVE TITLE TO THE PROPERTY ON THAT DAY.

• After 8 business days, title will vest to the Certificate of Purchase holder automatically by law.
  Subsequent lien holders (if there are any) have within those 8 business days to file an Intent to Redeem

• A Public Trustee Confirmation Deed can be issued 9 business days after the foreclosure sale to change the title in the Teller County records.
  A Public Trustee’s Deed can only be issued after ALL redemption periods have ended if subsequent lien holders file Intents to Redeem.